Origin® | Refund & Cancellation Policy
Refund & Cancellation Policy
Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We here at Origin® want to guarantee your 100% satisfaction and will work to ensure that you’re happy with your membership ongoing. That said, we understand if you decide that the program is not the right fit or the right timing, after all. Please read our Refund & Cancellation Policy below so you know what your options are should you choose to request a refund or cancellation.
For Origin Membership Members
If you’re on a membership plan, you have within 7 days of purchase to try the program and request a refund if you find the program is not a fit for your needs. A refund will also cancel your membership.

Should you want to cancel, you can do so at any time, and you will not be billed again. If you decide within the first 8-30 days of purchase that the program is not a fit for you, simply cancel within that time to avoid being billed again.  Cancelling your membership after 7 days of initial purchase does NOT refund the current month’s payment (or previous month’s payment if you cancel before your current month’s billing day) because we delivered for you. Sounds fair, right?