Listen up: Your time and your energy are precious.
Knowing how to manage them is the key to having what you want in life and business.
On January 28th
Join me for my brand-new free webinar
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Kate Northrup presents
Spacious Spacious
3 Life-Changing Time Management Strategies
​​​​​​​for Female Entrepreneurs
During this free webinar you’ll learn:
  • The primary culprit behind overwhelm and burnout and how to avoid it 
  • The hidden yet incredibly helpful secret to scheduling your days, weeks, and months so that you gain momentum and get more done in less time (with more ease)
  • The 4 phases of any project and why categorizing what’s on your plate in this way is your ticket to peak creative flow
  • The single most important strategy to having more than enough time for the things that matter in your life and business
I’m committed to getting the strategies I’m going to teach during this webinar in the hands of as many women as I possibly can because when you incorporate them, they change your life in profound ways.
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What you teach has helped me work less and have more, too! I cut my hours in half and doubled my income in 2018!
– Danielle Eaton 
When you know how to craft your life and business around what matters and what doesn’t, your life becomes easier, your business becomes more powerful, and you can have a great impact while having more fun.
It’s not just your schedule. It’s your life.
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About Your Host
Hi! I’m Kate Northrup, creator of Origin®, mother of two, bestselling author, and entrepreneur committed to helping women light up the world without burning themselves out. I specialize in supporting female entrepreneurs to manage their time with ease and grace, so they can grow their businesses without sacrificing the people they love (including themselves).
From growing an audience of over 200K, publishing two books, launching online courses, growing a seven-figure company, producing a weekly podcast downloaded by thousands, and running my business with my husband while parenting two kids under three, I've had to test-drive my material on a very full life, and I'm happy to works! Last year I was able to take a 5-month maternity leave, my husband unexpectedly took 8+ months off, and our business remained solid. Plus, we even grew our revenue a little while taking time to tend to our growing family and our health.
As seen in Women's Health Magazine, The Today Show, The Huffington Post, Hay House, Yahoo! Finance, Glamour Magezine As seen in Women's Health Magazine, The Today Show, The Huffington Post, Hay House, Yahoo! Finance, Glamour Magezine
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