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Do you want 2019 to be a year of tremendous growth, support, and miracles for you and your business?
Are you an established entrepreneur who identifies as female with a track-record of consistent customers, clear offerings, and consistent revenue?
Do you know you could be so much more powerful and effective in your business if you had insider access to a knowledge base of what it takes to run a 7-figure online business?
If yes, the Origin™ Incubator might be for you.
After many years of thinking about it, I've decided to run a high-level, paid incubator for a very small group of women entrepreneurs (up to 10) for 10 months that would include a combination of one-on-one calls with me, virtual group hot seats, support via written correspondence with me and the other members, guest experts, and a live retreat.
Here’s the structure and what’s included:
(January - October 2019)
10 months • 10 women
2 solo 30-minute calls with me
(one at the beginning, one midway through)
1 wrap-up meeting with me in person at the retreat
(30-45 minutes)
1 live retreat in Maine, October 4th-6th, 2019
(Friday afternoon/evening, all day Saturday, Sunday ½ day)
1 group call per month
(hot seats, laser coaching, resource sharing on Zoom - recorded if you can’t be there live)
Additional support on group calls
by Licia Morelli, President of Northrup-Watts, Inc.
Additional support on systems and operations
from Mike Watts, co-CEO of Northrup-Watts, Inc.
Dedicated, private Slack channel
to correspond with me privately
Dedicated, private Slack channel
to correspond with the group
Guest teachers
as needed for particular challenges/opportunities within the group
Access to our team
for specific expertise in areas as needed
to folks in my network for further support as needed​​​​​​​
Operations and systems strategy
support from Mike as needed​​​​​​​
Annual Origin™ membership
($407 value)
Surprise gifts/bonuses along the way
(snail mail!)
Access to any new digital program
we roll out through October 2019 that’s $2K or less​​​​​​​
Recordings of Origin™ Live with companion guidebook​​​​​​​
($497 value)
Acceptance into the Origin™ Incubator is by application only.
This Incubator is ideal for female entrepreneurs who would say they have a "solid business" - meaning there is consistent revenue, clear offerings, and consistent customers/clients. 
They have a solid understanding of marketing (through a program like B-School or something similar) and would consider themselves intermediate or intermediate-advanced in their knowledge and implementation. ​​​​​​​
They don't have to have absolute clarity (because really, who ever does?) but they have a strong passion and desire for what they're building.
Having a team is not required. Being a solopreneur makes you a good fit for this program, although if you do have a team, I have plenty of experience that would be valuable for you as well.
Click here to apply if this describes you.
Applications are due Wednesday,  January 2nd at 8:00pm EST
I'll let you know if your application is accepted in the preliminary round via email by Thursday, January 3rd at 4pm ET. At that time you'll be invited to either a group Q&A or 1:1 call with someone from our team to further explore whether we're a fit for each other.
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