Do you want 2020 to be a year of tremendous growth, support, and miracles for you and your business?
Do you want to level up your business with a Do Less (i.e., time-expanding, more supported, spacious, aligned, easeful, life-giving, less stress) approach?
Are you an established entrepreneur who identifies as female with a track-record of consistent customers, clear offerings, and consistent revenue?
Do you want the accountability and support of being held by a small, dedicated group of fellow female entrepreneurs playing a bigger game while doing less?
Do you know you could be so much more powerful and effective in your business if you had insider access to a knowledge base of what it takes to run a 7-figure online business?
Do you want to source your leadership and growth from a renewable power source instead of blood, sweat, and tears?
Do you want to circle up with other women on a mission to grow aligned businesses while making great money and serving the world so that you can support one another, tap into each other's Rolodexes, and quite likely become lifelong friends?
If yes, the Origin Incubator or the Origin Mastermind might be for you.

I’m opening applications to two different programs for women who are looking for:

  • More access to me and my team 

  • An opportunity to pilot a brand-new curriculum and body of work I’m developing around feminine leadership, power, and embodiment

  • Accountability and support within a small, dedicated group

  • Virtual and live support

  • A group of women operating in the paradigm of growing and scaling their businesses within the Do Less paradigm

  • Behind-the-scenes knowledge of the inner workings of a 7-figure online business that includes a podcast, publishing, digital courses, affiliate marketing, speaking, a high-level mastermind (now we’re getting meta 😏), media and PR, and a 6-figure membership

Here’s the structure and what’s included:
Only 15 spots remaining*

For business owners with annual revenue of $50K - $199K

  • January kick-off call

  • 8 monthly virtual gatherings where I’ll be leading you through a brand-new curriculum that will allow you to grow and scale your business while doing less (1hr including Q&A)

  • Guest sessions with experts in PR, publishing, hiring, strategic partnerships, and more as needed

  • Private WhatsApp group to connect with one another (moderated by our Community Manager)

  • Accountability + support

  • Access to vetted resources and contacts from our team and your fellow members

  • 1-day live retreat in Portland, ME, in October

  • Origin Annual Membership

  • Access to all new digital programs we release in 2020 valued under $2K

Apply to the Origin® Incubator
We have a few partial scholarships available for women who meet the revenue requirements for the Origin Incubator who may not be in a position to invest in their business at the full tuition rate. If you would like to apply for one of our reduced tuition spots, please email us at [email protected].
Only 7 spots remaining

For business owners with annual revenue of $200K+

  • January kick-off call

  • 2 live weekend retreats (Somewhere warm within or near the USA in February and then Portland, ME, in October)

  • 1-day live retreat in NYC (June)

  • 2 30-minute solo calls with me 

  • 2 30-minute solo calls with Mike Watts*

  • 6 monthly virtual gatherings where I’ll be leading you through a brand-new curriculum that will allow you to grow and scale your business while doing less (2hrs including Q&A)

  • Guest sessions with experts in PR, publishing, hiring, strategic partnerships, and more as needed

  • Accountability + support

  • Access to vetted resources and contacts from our team and your fellow members

  • Private WhatsApp group to connect with one another (moderated by my co-facilitator extraordinaire, Licia Morelli)

  • Origin Annual Membership

  • Access to all new digital programs we release in 2020 valued under $2K

Apply to the Origin® Mastermind
Acceptance into the Origin Incubator and Origin Mastermind are by application only.
Please be sure you’ve read the requirements below before applying:
  • If I’m applying to the Origin Incubator, I have a business generating $50K - $99K in revenue annually.

  • If I’m applying to the Origin Mastermind, I have a business generating $100K+.

  • I have a desire to leverage the internet to grow and/or scale my business.

  • I am ready to invest 9 months in embodying the Do Less paradigm within a group of fellow female entrepreneurs led by Kate Northrup.

$50K - $199K in Revenue

Apply to the Origin Incubator

$200K+ in Revenue

Apply to the Origin Mastermind
Applications will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis; however, our plan is to fill both programs by October 22nd* and we will accept members on a first-come, first-served basis. That means if you’re interested, apply right away to increase your likelihood of being accepted.

*If you’re accepted into the Incubator or the Mastermind and you decided to join us for this transformational experience unlike anything else available in the online entrepreneurship space, you’ll get immediate access to our prerequisite curriculum to go through to prepare for our kick-off in January.

Here's what happens after you apply:

You’ll hear from someone on our team if we feel you may be a good fit for the program. At that time you’ll set up a Discovery Call with someone from our team to identify where you are, where you want to be, and if this program will be the best fit to support you in getting there.

The number-one factor for female career success is a tight-knit circle of supportive friends.
Entrepreneurship can be lonely, especially if you’re the only one in your family who runs her own business and if your local group of friends aren’t entrepreneurs (or they are, but not at the same level as you).

You don’t have to go it alone anymore.

The Origin Incubator and Origin Mastermind are designed to attract the people you need to surround yourself with to go to the next level in your business...with ease.
The community, combined with the proprietary curriculum we’ll be walking through together and the container our team will create, will result in profound transformation for you personally and professionally (as long as you show up).

This transformation could look like:

  • Significant increases in revenue (one of our past members was able to leave her medical practice because she’d replaced her income as a doctor and then some with the growth she experienced during our year together)

  • Massive amounts of time and energy saved from no longer beating yourself up about what you aren’t doing so that you can devote those sacred resources to your work and impact

  • Clearing the extraneous relationships, projects, and other baggage weighing you down so that you are working on only the right things with the right people and you’re getting sizeable results (financially and otherwise)

  • Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt with speed, ease, and certainty what business model to pursue, which people to hire, what they should be doing, which offerings to focus on, and what to do about every single other decision in your business 

  • Getting a book deal, regular paid speaking gigs, unicorn-level media, brand partnerships that feel like a dream, and more

  • Attracting exactly what you want in business (and life) with ease and speed that’s unprecedented

If even one of these things makes your mouth water, apply now.

$50K - $199K in Revenue

Apply to the Origin Incubator

$200K+ in Revenue

Apply to the Origin Mastermind
Origin Incubator and Mastermind Success Stories
Doing less work and more self-care, and making more $ (more profits than ever!)

With the help of the Incubator, rather than building the business upward and outward, I ended up strengthening the business foundation and aligning my business model with my community's needs and my dharma. I love and need the contact with and feedback from these inspiring, wise business women. The guidance and support has been a game-changer, as has been seeing how others manage their businesses and lives. All Incubator engagements leave me in a high vibration state.

-Alexandra Hughes-
Life Coach,

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It’s an investment of time, talent, and treasure that has tripled in value and impact.

It’s the most responsive and supportive group I’ve been a part of. I am more confident and accountable. I am willing to ask for what I need and am better at asking for and receiving feedback. I am letting go of more of what is busy work or distraction and embracing what matters most. I am more deliberate. I am more honest about my situation in life and in business, less judgmental or protective. I am leaning into my thought leadership and owning my own genius work as a direct result of the encouragement, support, training, coaching, and opportunities afforded to me through this Incubator experience.

-Whitney Bishop-
Personal and Professional Growth for Nonprofit Leaders,

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I had a lot of work to do inside to be able to move on in business. There were things I needed to learn and experience in order to handle my business upleveling.

The Incubator was able to really hold me as I made these uncomfortable shifts! Admitting where I was wrong, acknowledging my fears that are holding me back, taking a step back from business to see what I want-- I felt like I was being broken down, and Kate and the other women were just smiling at me saying, "Yup, you're up-leveling! You're breaking through, you're moving up." It was so valuable to have a group of women hold me in this way, they kept me going and saw my light!

My 1:1’s with Kate were very illuminating! I loved her honesty and her gentleness-- I appreciate her ability to see what I could not see AND to tell me the truth. And I love that I can post in the group and get feedback from really smart business women. That's HUGE.

-Beth Ryan-
Videographer and Online Business Owner,

Your Origin Incubator and Mastermind Guides


As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother, Kate Northrup has built a multimedia digital empire with her husband Mike Watts that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. They are committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress.

Kate has a membership of over 1,000 entrepreneurs called Origin® Collective that’s about growing your business while doing less, and she has also helped over 5,000 students heal their relationship with money with The Money Love Course. Her first book, Money: A Love Story, has been published in 5 languages, and her second book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms, is now available wherever books are sold.

Kate’s work has been featured by The Today Show, Yahoo! Finance, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Wanderlust, The Huffington Post, and more. Kate and Mike live with their daughters in a cozy town in Maine.


Licia Morelli is the bestselling author of The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation  (Tilbury House Publishers), which was also the 2016 Maine Literary Award Winner. Licia is also a poet and the founder of  Cardinal Moon Press, a Literary PR & publishing house for the modern writer (and the modern age).

As the former President for bestselling author Kate Northrup’s company, Licia was able to help grow the business to over 7 figures in 8 months. With over 10 years of experience helping online entrepreneurs, Licia is highly sought after by the best in the business to assist with business sales & marketing, PR, publishing, copywriting, visibility, and growth strategy.

Licia has collaborated and consulted on high-level teams for Kate Northrup, Marie Forleo, Colette Baron Reid, and more.


TaKisha August is the Head Empress of Origin Collective and the head of Community Care at She’s also a mama, speaker, teacher, writer, health coach, and yoga practitioner of 15 years. After graduating from Virginia State University in 2004 with a degree in marketing, TaKisha worked as an advertising executive, marketing manager, and copywriter for 11 years–earning a master’s degree in publishing from The George Washington University along the way.

A series of life-changing events led her to begin speaking at women’s conferences and writing about personal power, owning our stories, and living a more intentional life. She began studying yoga more intensely in 2013 and began offering yoga and meditation after a transformational yoga teacher training experience as a way of supporting others in their journey to more intimately connect with their hearts, breath, and bodies.

TaKisha brings an intimate knowledge of holistic health and self-care practices along with her extensive business background to the Origin Empresses to help them light up the world without burning themselves out.


As a father of two little girls, 7-figure business owner with his wife Kate, and small business consultant, Mike Watts has a gift for making everything around him work better. From organizing utensils in a kitchen drawer to laying out and tweaking an automated revenue funnel, his knack for systems, simplification, and organization coupled with his loving yet direct approach are what get businesses results.

Mike is the co-host of the podcast The Kate & Mike Show, now with over half a million downloads, and if you ask his wife, he’s the best husband and father on the planet.

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